The best quiet cafs with free Wi Fi to do work or study

Cafes with free wifi

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The Wi-Fi-FreeSpot™ Directory is a listing of locations that offer Free Wi-Fi. USA State-by-State listings come first with Europe and other regions of the World listed further down the page.

In addition to the main State-by-State listings below there are several specialty listing pages.
Large companies (like Panera Bread, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Krystal, FedEx Office, Greggs (UK) and McDonald’s (USA, Canada and UK)) have multiple locations with Free Wi-Fi. You can use each company’s web site’s location search feature to find a location near you or where you’ll be travelling.
Airports with Free Wi-Fi
Thousands of Hotels ,Motels, Inns and Resorts who are members of International, National and Regional Chains ( like, Hampton Inn, Marriott, Hilton, etc. ) around the World offer Free Wi-Fi. Use their web site’s locations feature to search in your destination’s area.
RV Parks and Campgrounds with Free Wi-Fi
Vacation Rental Properties with Free Wi-Fi for Renters

The State pages listed below have an alphabetical listing of Cities and Towns. Publicly accessible locations like cafes, restaurants, etc. are listed first and Hotels, Inns and other accommodation type listings are at the end of the Free Wi-Fi location listings.
Whenever possible, it’s best to contact a listed location to verify access in advance of a visit.

To view a State’s road map to look for other nearby towns/cities that are in your search for Free Wi-Fi’s targeted area go to Mapquest’s State Maps.
After you find a Free Wi-Fi listing in this Directory input the address info you find into Google Maps or Mapquest to find a map of the location.
Links to location web sites will open in a new browser window. This window will remain open.
Attention bus travelers! Megabus (East Coast and Mid-West) and Boltbus (DC to Boston) offer Free Wi-Fi on their USA routes. Greyhound has Free Wi-Fi on limited routes from NYC and DC.
Amtrak’s Acela Express trains between Boston and Washington have Free Wi-Fi. The gate areas in the stations along the way also have Free Wi-Fi. Amtrak’s Cascades line has free Wi-Fi from Vancouver, B.C. to Eugene, OR, and on the Capitol Corridor and San Joaquins route and now on Northeast Regional trains, the most popular Amtrak service, which operates daily between Virginia and Boston, and the heavily traveled Empire Service (New York — Albany — Buffalo) and Keystone Service (New York — Philadelphia — Harrisburg, Pa.) Other routes now with WiFi include: Carolinian (New York — Raleigh/Cary, N.C.), Downeaster (Boston — Portland), Ethan Allen Express (New York — Rutland, Vt.), the New Haven — Springfield Shuttle and Vermonter (Washington — St. Albans, Vt.) and in select cars marked with hotspot window stickers because these trains are made up of different types of equipment: Adirondack (New York — Montreal), Maple Leaf (New York — Toronto), Palmetto (New York — Savannah, Ga.), and Pennsylvanian (New York — Philadelphia — Pittsburgh.)

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Нужен ли бесплатный WiFi в кафе и ресторанах?

Вот тема, которая меня сильно занимает. В большинстве предприятий питания есть бесплатный публичный интернет. Где-то можно подключиться без дополнительных телодвижений – надо лишь в списке доступных сетей найти название ресторана. В других местах приходится спросить пароль у официанта или бармена, в третьих – данные для входа печатают на чеке. В любом случае, если вы клиент заведения, вы имеете право воспользоваться этой услугой.

Разумеется, интернет проведён для удобства посетителей. Мало ли, вдруг потребуется срочно проверить почту или запостить своё блюдо в соцсети (администрация заведения будет только рада), воспользоваться мессенджером, чтобы связаться с друзьями и так далее.

Но уткнувшиеся в телефоны или ноутбуки посетители выглядят не очень аппетитно, да и сами они едва ли почувствуют вкус еды, как бы повар ни постарался. И я знаю точно, что многие представители общепита люто ненавидят людей, которые работают в их заведении. Впрочем, не только представители. Осенью у меня на канале была заметка про ущемление прав фрилансеров в предприятиях питания . Так большинство комментаторов поддержало сегрегацию и выступило за то, что фрилансеров надо гнать поганой метлой из кафе и ресторанов. Я с этим не согласен, но мнение масс услышал.

Сам я не подключаюсь к сети в предприятиях питания по трём причинам:

  1. Я мнительный и вообще не пользуюсь публичным интернетом.
  2. У меня неплохой тарифный план и мобильного интернета достаточно, чтобы всегда быть на связи.
  3. Считаю, что некрасиво теребить телефон в компании, которая есть/пьёт. А если я принимаю пищу в одиночестве, то не хотелось бы отвлекаться от еды.

А вы подключаетесь к WiFi в кафе и ресторанах? Выберите, пожалуйста, свой ответ в моём маленьком опроснике.

Спасибо! Позже я отчитаюсь о результатах исследования. И вообще, как вы считаете, нужен ли этот бесплатный интернет в 2020 году?


The best quiet cafés with free Wi-Fi to do work or study

Looking for a quiet place to do work but not a fan of the stuffy office or library environment? We don’t blame you, being cooped up in a cubicle all day drives even the calmest among us crazy. We also understand that not everyone has an ideal work-from-home set-up. Venture beyond your friendly, neighbourhood Starbucks and settle down with free Wi-Fi, power points and a good cuppa to get your productivity game on at these cafés instead.

City Sprouts

City Sprouts

Get into the work zone at City Sprouts, Singapore’s first plot-share urban farm built on the former Henderson Primary School Campus. At the heart of the multi-concept space is a large repurposed canteen where you can settle down for the afternoon within easy access of five food establishments. As Pyroast, you can choose from more than 15 types of single origins and three home blends at affordable prices – traditional kopi and teh start at only $1.50. For a filling meal, grab a hearty Japanese rice bowl from O-Kome (from $10), a juicy cheeseburger meal from Dirty Buns (from $11), or tuck into Meat & Greet’s hearty Pulled Lamb Kebab ($17). When you’re bored, simply step outside to explore the abundant greenhouses, which are the result of the love and labour of aspiring urban farmers and farming enthusiasts.

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Genius Central

Genius Central

(Open for dine in. Reservations available here .)

This spacious café has all the perks of a co-working space but without the steep membership fees. It welcomes freelancers, students or anyone who needs some stable internet, power outlets, and a comfortable place to work for hours on end. Commandeer one of its long, low tables to work on a group project, or park yourself in a cosy side alcove for more privacy if you’re flying solo. The menu focuses on healthy fare with ample vegetarian, gluten-, dairy- and nut-free options. A huge perk? 20 percent off all food and drink orders if you sign up for their free membership.

Commune Café

Commune Café

(Open for dine in)

Without the office lunch crowd, Millenia Walk manages to be one of central Singapore’s quieter malls. It’s even more secluded on the second floor where Commune Café sits, making it a particularly conducive spot for work or study. An offshoot of furniture store Commune, the café has a sophisticated yet relaxed ambience, with alfresco-style seating on the link bridge so you can people watch when you need a break from the computer screen. For coffee, Commune uses beans from Common Man Coffee Roasters, producing aromatic brews (from $3.50) that you can jazz up with caramel, gingerbread or Irish cream. The food options are decent too, with desserts like chocolate banana waffles with ice cream ($8.50) and chocolate tarts ($4) for a late afternoon pick-me-up.

Dal.komm Coffee

Dal.komm Coffee

Modelled with a warm industrial look and calming Korean drama OSTs playing in the background, this spot is easily one of the best places in town to get some work done in peace. Its abundance of seating areas and power plugs, coupled with its extensive menu of premium drinks and food ensure maximum concentration as you enjoy uninterrupted work sessions while keeping the hunger pangs at bay.

D'Good Café

D Good Café

The 95-seater has different areas to match your differing working style. Kick back and lounge on the swing seat, or settle down on the tables with warm wooden fixings. Have an award-winning barista pull you a satisfying cup of coffee that will surely give you the boost you need. When you’re feeling peckish, the café also serves up treats like the maple sea salt cheesecake ($9) and fluffy skillet pancakes ($12).

Little Creatures

Little Creatures

(Open for dine-in. Reservations available here.)

For those of you that like to bang out a report with a bottle of beer by your side, Little Creatures is for you. The industrial-chic space is home to the brand’s full line-up of craft beers including its flagship pale ale (from $9) alongside a selection of other brews exclusive to Singapore. But if it’s caffeine you’re craving, Little Creatures has teamed up with Schibello Coffee Roastery deliver your daily fix from 8am. Settle into a quiet corner where you can enjoy free Wi-Fi alongside some of Schibello’s more unique pours that are meant to be sipped an savoured, such as the raspberry and pomegranate cold brew.

Plain Vanilla Bakery, Tiong Bahru

Plain Vanilla Bakery Tiong Bahru Estate

Tiong Bahru is in no shortage of work-friendly cafes but Plain Vanilla takes it one step higher with a secret extension beyond its main space. There, you’ll find students and working professionals alike typing away on their laptops while sipping on PV’s affordably priced coffees as well as those hard-to-resist cupcakes. Choose from a dozen flavours ($3.90 each): chocolate hazelnut’s a bold, Nutella-fuelled prize crowned with more nuts; red velvet’s made with Valrhona chocolate and capped with a thick cream cheese frosting; and cookies and cream’s a chocolatey affair with smashed Oreos weaved into its frosting. You’ll want to collect ’em all, we promise.

Amber Ember

Amber Ember

What the heck is a jaffle? Well, ask the Australians – after all, it was conceived from Down Under. A jaffle, named after the jaffle iron invented in 1949, is basically a toasted sandwich. And Amber Ember, a café located right smack in the middle of Serangoon and Kovan MRT stations, may be the first to bring this slice of Australian gastronomy to our sunny shores. Splashed out in shades of dusty pink and warm neutrals, the Instagrammable café offers six jaffle options with its signature purple sweet potato mash. From the lot, we spy with our little eye Chessus Take The Wheel ($14), featuring a pulled pork-mac and cheese stuffing. There are also other food items such as bacon cheese fries ($12) for sharing and a range of pastas. Amber Ember also takes the coffee culture seriously, where cuppas (from $2.50 for an espresso to $6 for a mocha) are brewed from single-origin Guatemala. And yes, the café is extremely work-friendly with power points and free wifi; what’s more, its relatively ulu location means lesser crowds, so you’ll get a spot there for sure.

Wine & Chef

Wine and Chef

(Open for dine-in. Call 6221 9279 for reservations.)

This might be a wine bar by night but during the day, Wine and Chef welcomes freelancers and hot deskers with free Wi-Fi and $3 coffees. If you prefer to write drunk and edit sober, it has an exclusive range of over 250 wines, while house pour wines start from just $9 per glass.

My Awesome Cafe

My Awesome Cafe

(Open for dine-in. Call 6222 2007 for reservations.)

Located on the ground floor of what used to be the Telok Ayer Chung Hwa Free Clinic, My Awesome Cafe takes the old-school aesthetic and knocks it out of the ballpark with equal parts knack for sourcing and creative ingenuity. You can’t help but be motivated in this space full of quirks and history that buzzes with energy. Although the lunch crowd is a busy one, get there early to find yourself an upcycled vintage school desk to work on. Coffees range from $4 to $6, and you’ll be distracted from your work with the breadth of food and beverage choices on offer. Try the açai menu for some superfood brain power ($6.50-$18.50), or, for a more substantial dish, the protein-packed My Awesome Salad ($16).

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Group Therapy Coffee CSE

Group Therapy Coffee

This intimate café provides a space where diners can set up ‘therapy’ sessions, so grab your colleagues for some ice cream, and supplement it with waffles that come with maple syrup or salted caramel sauce (from $12). Its location in the CBD makes it a perfect weekend hideout as well.

Working Title

Working Title

(Open for dine-in. Reservations available here.)

Eclectic decor and mismatched furniture dominate this casual chill-out spot along Arab Street. It does a mean beef burger that’s topped with cheese and veg ($13.90). Have it with a side of truffle tater tots ($8.90), seasoned with truffle oil and grated Parmesan.

The Book Cafe

The Book Cafe

Snug like a living room, Book Cafe has long been the go-to for a quiet catch up with a book or a comfy spot to bang out a bit of work. There’s also a printer that’s free to use. For sustenance, look to its extensive menu, with all-day breakfast options like pancakes ($5.95-$9.95) and eggs Benedict ($15.95), as well as a slice of its signature apple pie ($5.95). Premium teas are from Tea Forte ($8/pot), which is worth swapping your usual coffee for.

Jimmy Monkey Café & Bar

Jimmy Monkey Café and Bar

You know what to expect: high ceilings, exposed beams and bulbs, wood-topped tables, and an open coffee bar. Use this as quiet place to buckle down and get some work done – and pick from the impressive array of coffee choices while you’re at it. The Slayer Espresso that drips from beans roasted on-site will have caffeine-heads wired. Apart from single-origin espresso, pour-over, French press and siphon coffees, there’s also a full menu of bread-heavy items and a more substantial night menu.

One Man Coffee

One Man Coffee

Nothing like pizza to calm a growling stomach. One Man Coffee is a cosy nook that shares a shophouse space with gourmet pizza bar Crust. Which means that on weekdays, you’ll have the option for a full pie paired with coffee ($3-$6). Light brunch options are available ($11-$19), such as nutty brioche French toast served with caramelised banana, strawberries, and candied walnut ($15).

Or check out these co-working spaces


Co-working spaces in Singapore

Working from home not cutting it for you? Try one of these co-working spaces instead


How To Find Free WiFi Hotspots Near You

There are approximately 350 million public Wi-Fi hotspots available globally.

This number includes restaurants, shops, cafes, and hotels with free WiFi. In fact, recently, there has been an increase in the number of parks, bus/train stations, and airports offering free WiFi as well which is why it has become easier to stay connected wherever you go.

Even though they’re really convenient, a Free WiFi Hotspot open to the public is usually unsafe. You totally can connect to them, but we advise that you take the extra step: start protecting your online privacy with PureVPN.


Top 10 places offering the Best Free WiFi

There are plenty of places like restaurants, coffee shops, and hotels offering a free Internet connection to customers. The following are some of the popular places offering the best and fastest free WiFi connections:

Starbucks Coffee Company

Your most favorite coffee house has partnered with Google Fiber to provide free and unlimited Wi-Fi access to its customers at approximately 15,000 stores in the US alone.

Finding a Starbucks near you isn’t much of a challenge because they’re everywhere. You only need to visit the café, order their cheapest coffee, and you can use the free Wi-Fi hotspot (and it won’t cost more than $2). Here is how you can access Starbucks’ WiFi Network.


McDonald’s offers free Wi-Fi access to all its 11,500+ franchises. The download speeds at McDonald’s are also twice as fast as most other national chains.

The food may not be good, but you can try out their coffee or soda while you’re using their free Wi-Fi hotspot. Check their website and restaurant locator to see if there’s a location with free Wi-Fi available near you.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin Donuts WiFi is incredibly popular across the globe. However, you may not be aware of the fact that it also offers free Wi-Fi at thousands of its locations.

Burger King

The Scrumptious Big King XXL Meal and mouthwatering Whopper Sandwich aren’t the only specialties of Burger King. Luckily, you can also enjoy high-speed Internet connectivity at Burger King while munching your favorite meal.


Numerous Walmart outlets have been offering free WiFi services for over a decade now. The retail giant realizes that it could take 2-3 hours for a family to shop around once they visit a Walmart store. Hence, the company provides its customers with a free WiFi facility during their visit.

When you’re visiting a Walmart outlet, be sure to check if they’re offering free WiFi and carry on with your shopping while staying connected digitally.


Target’s free WiFi service will keep you entertained while you’re shopping at the retail store. While you probably won’t be able to use their Internet service to browse the web for an extended period, you can certainly save a lot of your mobile data.

That’s not all,. Several Target locations now feature Target cafes, and so if a store near you happens to have the café attached to the building, you can connect to the internet.

Best Buy

When you’re visiting a Best Buy store, it’s easy to get distracted with so much tech around you, and a simple 15 minute stop can turn into an hour-long shopping spree. Fortunately, Best Buy offers free WiFi service for you to browse the web, send an urgent email, or do a price comparison online.

Best Buy is known for providing exceptional download speeds. You can head inside, connect your phone, and download whatever you want, using the latest gadgets without paying a dime.

Marriott Hotels

Marriott offers free WiFi service for anyone who’s visiting the hotel. Guests and visitors can connect to the hotels’ WiFi and enjoy browsing the web and stream their favorite TV shows and movies.

Having a free WiFi facility keeps you connected to your office, family, and friends while enjoying your stay at the hotel.

Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels also offer free WiFi in the lobby, so anyone who’s coming to the hotel or near the hotel’s premises can connect to the hotel WiFi and use the internet.

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Local Library

A nearby library can gain you access to free Internet. Some public libraries that offer free Wi-Fi access include the New York Public Library, the Free Library of Philadelphia, LA County Library, and Brooklyn Public Library.

Other Free WiFi Options

Since the corona-virus pandemic, many restaurants have been shut down. In the case that you do not have access to these food chains, you may need to resort to the alternatives to find free Internet.

You can use a WiFi Directory to find the nearest WiFi spot in your neighborhood. A WiFi directory will show you hotels, airports, RV parks, and gyms, hospitals, etc.

Vulnerabilities in Free WiFi Hotspots

It is important to understand that public WiFi, as the name suggests, is open to anyone who wants to connect to the Internet. Users on free WiFi networks could be anyone, even those harboring the evil intention of compromising your private information for personal gains. (It’s more common than you think.)

Here’s how they do it:

Unsecure Network: Yes. Even though Wi-Fi networks come with standard encryption protocols, you can never be sure if those protocols are 100% secure or not. Take, for instance, the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability, which could allow hackers to monitor or pry on your private information.

MITM Attack: KRACK or other types of vulnerabilities within public Wi-Fi networks can also lead to Man-in-the-Middle (MTIM) attacks. A MITM attack gives hackers the ability to listen in on the data transmission between a user’s machine and the server.

Hacking Kits: There are widely available hacking kits available that let cybercriminals compromise-free WiFi hotspots. By using such kits, they can see what web pages you are viewing and even what credentials you are using to access your online accounts.

Fake Hotspots: Remember that hackers continuously come up with unique ways to steal your online data, and using a fake WiFi hotspot is one way to do it. A hacker near you may lure you into his trap by creating a malicious hotspot through which he can easily infect your device with malware or a key logger. As a result, the attacker can easily take control of your device and your private information. In other words, that McDonald’s free WiFi network may not be run by McDonald’s.

Follow the Security Checklist before Connecting to a Free WiFi Hotspot

Now that you know the dangers of free WiFi hotspots, learn how you can use public WiFi securely:

Always Confirm Wi-Fi Authenticity

Since you know now that hackers can pry into your online data through malicious hotspots, it would be wise to verify the connection before joining it. The best way to ensure that the open Wi-Fi you want to connect to is genuine or not is by asking the employee of the establishment.

Whether you are using the Wi-Fi in an airport, café, or a restaurant, you can ask an employee if they host the Wi-Fi network or not.

Don’t Toggle On File Sharing

Never keep your device’s file sharing turned on, especially when you are connected to an open Wi-Fi. Unsuspecting users usually allow auto-sharing when they need to share documents, images or any other type of data with other devices. If the option is turned on, hackers can easily gain access to sensitive data.

Therefore, always make sure that file sharing is turned off before joining a Wi-Fi.

Avoid Checking Private Data

Public spots are not the places to conduct personal activities, such as, to check private emails or conduct online transactions. When you make online transactions on open Wi-Fi networks, you expose your sensitive data to cybercriminals.

It is best to not use such networks for checking sensitive data unless it is essential.


Free WiFi – актуальные сервисы с халявным вайфаем

Привет! Эта статья специально для любителей халявы. Отправляемся на поиски FREE WIFI – или в простонародье бесплатного интернета. Попробую рассказать, как быстро найти бесплатную точку и подключиться к ней. Готовы?

Возможно, здесь в будущем появится свой сервис с картой, фильтрами и прочими блэкджеками для халявщиков. Пока лишь ссылки на классные чужие сервисы.

Напиши в комментариях

Если ты знаешь какую-то классную точку доступа и хочешь ей поделиться, обязательно напиши о ней в комментариях к этой статье. Будет небольшой приват. Если же есть какой-то неупомянутый здесь сервис – тоже рекомендую написать, пригодится и вам, и нам.

WiFi Map

Как по мне это самое лучшее приложение на текущий день. Огромная база, живое сообщество, красивый интерфейс, возможность добавления своих сетей и прочие плюшки под одним капотом. Просто мастхэв для собирателей халявы. Особенно актуально при поездке за границу. Устанавливаете и забываете о всех тяготах жизни без интернета. Лучшее доказательство работы, живой пример:

В основном в базе все кафе, рестораны и прочие общественные места, но есть и жилые дома. Есть версии и для Android, и для iOS.


В метро Москвы и Санкт-Петербурга тоже можно увидеть надпись FREE WiFi.

Free WiFi – актуальные сервисы с халявным вайфаем

Для использования интернета подключайтесь к точке доступа – MT_FREE.

При подключении вас перебросит на с предложение пройти идентификацию в сети (закон обязывает). Сделать это будет можно с помощью номера телефона или кабинета ГосУслуг. Здесь периодически проскакивает реклама, которую можно отключить только платно, но для поездки хватит и такого. Ведь это подземка. Вот актуальная инструкция с официального сайта:

Free WiFi – актуальные сервисы с халявным вайфаем

FreeWiFi – сайт

Пожалуй, родоначальник сбора баз бесплатного вайфая стал сам . Здесь находится вообще база всех WiFi точек доступа в самом широком смысле – фильтр по странам городам, месту, платности и стандарту. База по ходу давно не обновлялась – последний стандарт 802.11g, но для истории пойдет:

Free WiFi – актуальные сервисы с халявным вайфаем

Free WiFi – приложение

Еще один представитель распространения халявы через мобильное приложение – Free WiFi. Доступен на Google Paly.

Free WiFi – актуальные сервисы с халявным вайфаем

Но, честно говоря, эти сервисы попали сюда только благодаря своему названию. Т.к. вся движуха идет выше.


Еще одна доступная в маркете база открытых точек. Включаете и пользуетесь:

Free WiFi – актуальные сервисы с халявным вайфаем

Здесь есть 2 вкладки – известные открытые точки и вообще все точки, к которым можно подключиться уже при имеющемся пароле.

Вот и все источники халявы. У вас есть свое проверенное место? Пишите его ниже. И быть может в недалеком будущем мы разродимся на свой личный классный сервис, доступный каждому. Помощь за помощь, доступ в интернет каждому!


Опубликовано в рубрике WiFi